About SEU

We are a New York-based event fundraising, management and marketing firm founded by Laurie Krotman and Susan Shattuck over 20 years ago. Dedicated to the success of our clients, our team specializes in raising funds through strategic event campaigns that blend stellar event fundraising capabilities, first-rate organization and management skills, and powerful program and production expertise to produce memorable events with highly successful outcomes.

We help our clients meet specific needs, providing event fundraising counsel, managing event elements, conducting board workshops and trainings or serving as a full benefit office.

We have generated millions of dollars for our clients who include a broad spectrum of national and regional non-profit organizations.

KROTMAN+SHATTUCK CONSULTING is a recent offshoot and division of SEU that specializes in strategic and comprehensive event analysis, seminars, workshops, coaching and trainings focused on building the capacity of your organization to raise funds through events.

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